UK Vintners See Large Increase In Interest

In the UK, a vintner refers to a wine merchant. This term is used almost everywhere to mean wine merchant, except for the US, where it is used to mean winemaker. The difference is that the wine merchant sells what the winemaker makes. Sometimes, they are the same. But, sometimes they are not the same. UK vintners are wine merchants, but you won’t find them at your local market, selling wines from a booth.

The vintners deal in fine wines from France and other production venues, such as Italy and Spain, as an investment. People invest in wines, just like gold, stocks, and bonds. A true collector’s wine will usually go up in value. Germany and Portugal also produce some investment wines, but in limited quantity.

UK vintners know this, and they are brokers of some of the finest wines from the best Chateaux in France. Remember that wine is consumed, so a particularly good wine, when much of it is consumed, will go up in value. It isn’t a replaceable item; once drank, it is gone.

The BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) are an emerging market for vintners, as wine collectors in those countries discover the value of a good wine. UK vintners will counsel individuals on what are good wines for investment purposes, and what are good wines for consumption. They are not always exactly the same thing. Some individuals in those emerging markets have absolutely no idea as to what kind of wine they should purchase as an investment. Collecting wines is like collection coins: some are priceless, and some are worthless. UK vintners will let the buyer know immediately if their choice is one that will make a solid return on their investment. Even then, nothing is guaranteed, and there is a risk, though wine seldom ever goes down in value.

The best way to purchase wines for your collection is either on line, or visit the UK vintners’ offices. Most are listed on line; just use a simples search engine, and one can find hundreds of wine brokers to suit the needs of just about anyone’s budget.

Some of the investors never take delivery of the wines they buy; they let the Chateaux hold it for them, and they reap the rewards if someone wants to pay them higher price. They purchase the bottle and sell it, without ever even seeing their investment.

Of course, most buyers do not do exactly that. They buy because they not only feel it’s a good investment, but face it, they want to tickle their taste buds with some of the world’s finest wines.