Bringing the family and friends of inmates together

One of the core values of Securus Technology is family and friends. This is because they realize that even inmates have families and friends. For over the years, secures technologies have been offering communication in our prison. They have not ignored inmates. Most other companies ignore the needs of prisoners. But Securus has not neglected the inmate.

In the last decade or so, secures has developed cutting edge communication tools for the family and friends of inmates. It is no longer ‘you are entitled to a phone call’. It is entitled to quality time with your family to help you rehabilitate and be ready for life after incarceration.

One of the cutting edge tool developed by Securus is the video visitation technology. Although they are not pioneers of the technology in the outside world, it is certainly the first time it is introduced in our prisons. The company recently said that they understand that men and women in prison are father, mothers, sons, daughters, husbands, wife and grandparents to someone.

The video visitation tool offers families to connect in their daily lives. Parents can attend birthdays virtually for their children. Husbands can encourage their wives through communication. Among other needs. It is observed that inmates who had a fruitful relationship with family and friends had a reduced risk of recidivism. They also recovered faster from anger, depression and other conditions common in a prison environment.

Securus Technologies is a communication solution provider in correctional facilities in America. For over 25 years of its operations, the company has focused on creative ways of providing secure and most efficient communication. It has been at the forefront of incorporating secure call systems, data security, and analysis of inmate calls, among other security communication protocols. Securus takes research seriously. Currently, they serve at least 2, 200 correctional facilities. They have invested in the latest and the most modern communication platforms for inmates in all the facilities.

Their services include VoIP calls, video calls, video visitation, security data extraction and collaboration with authorities, security communication, and other related products. According to the company, in their current ranks, they boast the widest, most comprehensive “full-spectrum Civil and Criminal Justice Technology Solutions”. Securus Technologies hopes to maintain high standards in service delivery through innovation.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.