Securus’ institutional customers rave over cellular interdiction tech

One of the most serious problems facing the nation’s carceral institutions today is the scourge of illicit cell phones. These devices may seem innocuous enough, but they’re often used by highly organized criminal gangs to further activities that are both dangerous and pose a serious threat to the institution and even the safety of those in the outside.


Illegal cellular telephones are often passed into the prison through in-person visitation. Visitors to the prison will secrete the illicit devices within their clothing, purses or even bodies. Once inside the prison, these devices pose a serious threat. Corrections officers are completely unable to monitor the communications taking place on unknown and illicit cellular devices. In addition to this, modern cell phones have the computing power of typical laptops that were on the market 15 years ago. This means that a prisoner with access to a cell phone, in effect, has full computer access. This is a situation that can become very dangerous when these devices are allowed into the hands of shot callers and other gang members, who often use them to further drug deals, witness intimidation and even to perform hits on the outside of the prison, as well as against other inmates.


But Securus Technologies is changing all of this. Through its system known as Stingray, a cutting edge cellular interdiction and detection system devised on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan for use against enemy combatants, Securus is quickly stepping up the fight against elicit cellular devices within the nation’s prisons. Stingray gives corrections officers the tools they need to completely eliminate all contraband cellular devices from the institutions that are charged with keeping safe.


This is a major step forward in removing a powerful weapon that gangs use to consolidate and maintain their power.

Why Securus Technologies Is an Optimal Choice of Innovative Communications

There are a vast array of people that unfortunately find themselves in positions that they were not expecting in life. Perhaps one form of event that is unexpected for the majority of the majority of people is being incarcerated. For anyone who has every been in jail, it is probably one of the worst places to be in. Some facilities may not have adequate heating or cooling, while the food may not even be considered “okay”. However, there is often a period of time that many inmates often look forward to. That period of time is visitation. Most inmates are given permission to have a friend or family member visit them at some point in time. Oftentimes, this time is appointed during the a time that is set by the jail where they are incarcerated in. If you happen to be an inmate or have a loved one who is currently in jail, please do not hesitate to visit them as it could mean a lot to them if they are suffering from depression.


Securus Technologies is a form of communication that enables people to take advantage of an opportunity in which they can contact their loved on who is in jail from the comfort of their own homes. There are a vast array of people who are not able to stay in touch with their family members due to being incarcerated. Securus Technologies enables people to speak to someone in a visitation mode through a computer in a video conferencing format. It is a great form of technology that has had an effect of connecting a vast array of people, both inmates and people who are not in jail alike. Be sure to contact one of the representatives who are able to guide you in using this wonderful technology. It had been accredited by the BBB, thus making it a great option of innovative communications.