OSI Group: A Global Food Provider Who Cares

OSI Group is a premier global food provider that has partnered up with leading retail food brands and leading food service companies to offer up a made-to-order food solutions around the world.

With the capacity and financial power to offer a range of capabilities to develop, source, and produce and distribute custom food solutions, OSI is one of the greatest private food providers world-wide. As an equal opportunity employer the company considers all qualified applicants with any regard to sex, national origin, disability status, race, color, religion, or protected veteran status.

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OSI Group recently acquired Baho Foods, which is a Dutch manufacturer of deli meats, convenience foods and snacks that services the retail and food service segments. Baho has processing plants in the Netherlands and Germany and its five companies Henri van de Bilt, Bakx Foods, Vital Convenience, Q Smart Life, and Gelderland Frischwaren are now under the umbrella of the OSI Group. Baho foods serves customers in 18 different European countries, and the managing director, John Balvers, as well as his management team are more than happy to stay on with the business as it moves forward.

OSI Group recently won the Globe of Honour Award for 2016 that was presented by the British Safety Council. This award is given out only to companies who have shown excellence in the management of environmental risks. This only goes without saying for the OSI Group, because, award or not, the environment, people’s health, safety, and the sustainability of their operations are always a top priority for the company.