Adam Goldenberg’s Journey to the Top

Adam Goldenberg is a renowned businessman and the co-CEO of JustFab Inc. He is also a tech guru and started showing his prowess as early as 15 years old when he created Gamers Alliance, an advertising network for online gaming sites. He sold this network to Intermix Media. At 20 years, Adam was hired as the vice president of strategic planning and was later promoted to Chief Operating Officer at Intermix Media, making him the youngest person in the world to hold such a position in a public corporation. Adam met his long time business partner, Don Ressler while he was working at Intermix Media. Don was also doing well in business as he had sold his venture FitnessHeaven to Intermix.

Intelligent Beauty
After Intermix Media was sold to News Corp, the two teamed up and founded Intelligent Beauty, an e-commerce business incubator. It incubates and operates businesses that deal with beauty and fashion. The firm grew its operations by employing technology. The partners understood that technology does not only play a major role in marketing but also builds the brand. Intelligent Beauty brought about a personalized shopping experience via social integration on Vator TV. When the two formed Intelligent Beauty, they wanted to major on women. However, after conducting extensive research, they realized that fashion could only do well on social media if it is fun as well as engaging.

JustFab Inc.
Later on, the two partners launched JustFab Inc. which continues to thrive and has more than 35 million members globally. Other corporates such as ShoeDazzle, FabKids, and Fabletics branched from JustFab. Adam has played a key role to ensure the success of these online businesses on The two partners raised enough capital for the firm and even managed to buy one of their competitors firm, ShoeDazzle. Adam identifies and utilizes every opportunity he identifies. He always comes up with new ideas to capture the market gap.

JustFab changes the name to Tech Style Fashion Group
Adam and Don renamed JustFab to Tech Style fashion group. The name was altered to highlight the company’s entrenchment in technology. According to the Adam Goldenberg, the company would remain true to its vision, despite the new name. He added that the name showed what JustFab had become, fashion merged with technology.

3 Los Angeles CEO’s you ought to know: Adam Goldenberg
Adam was named as one of the three LA CEO’S you must know. During his interview, Adam said that transparency in one of the key features that should not lack in an organization. He also shared his hiring tactics. Adam looks for passion and not an amazing Curriculum Vitae when hiring people.

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Kenneth Goodgame Can Help Your Business

Kenneth Goodgame is available to help your business today. He has a number of strategies in order to help all businesses, regardless of their nature. Kenneth also has a team of experts that accompanies him on all of his tasks. These individuals, like Kenneth, have great knowledge in the world of finances and marketing.

The first way Kenneth Goodgame can help you with your business would be to help you raise profits. The first way of doing this would be to cut all extra spending that is unnecessary. Kenneth Goodgame will sit with the business owner and how him/her why certain spending is wrong and how much they will save annually.

With the money saved from cutting unnecessary spending, Kenneth will guide business owners to purchase the best products pertaining to their business. Ken and his staff believe it is best for businesses to spend more money on wholesale items. Many companies by the cheapest products today. Kenneth believes having the most valuable products on the market will help any business instantly compete with the competition.

Kenneth Goodgame is a man of finance. He has gone to some of the most prestigious schools, where he learned finance and advanced marketing. Kenneth helped hundreds and hundreds of businesses develop a successful marketing plan. The marketing plan devised by Kenneth is not an experiment. Kenneth knows the plan will work, and this thinking has not failed him yet.

Kenneth has also been the CEO of several different companies in different industries. He understands all of the areas regarding being a boss and making the right decisions to keep the business going. Some of this includes knowing when to downsize and knowing how to properly fire someone, with the only intention of keeping the business going. Kenneth Goodgame has received many awards regarding his work in the financial industry. In a sense, Kenneth has changed the way people do business on a daily basis. The business owners that Kenneth has helped cannot thank Kenneth enough. Most of these business owners spent thousands trying to better their business, but they just kept on ruining it.


Opening Venezuela’s Doors to the People

Jose Manuel Gonzalez may have substantial success in running his agricultural business, but that doesn’t mean he’s happy with the state of his country. From his point of view, Venezuela’s power is too situated within the hands of a few politicians, leaving everyone else to fend for themselves. That’s not to say that the people don’t want a greater voice in their government, and that’s exactly what Jose Manuel Gonzalez aims to give them.

Leveraging his experience as a businessman, Gonzalez has worked within the National Assembly to get politicians to listen to the concerns of not just himself, but also of the people that try to get by every day. This empathy for the common man has made Gonzalez a popular figure, but that has also made the competition for his seat in the National Assembly more fierce. Gonzalez isn’t terribly concerned about the election though, as he is far more interested in ensuring that his country, and its people, have a future that follows in the footsteps of great countries like the United States.

In a way, Gonzalez views his actions as being good for both the country and himself. By crafting legislation that encourages people to get involved in politics, Gonzalez hopes that it will benefit other sectors and improve the economy as a whole. Once businesses are able to start hiring more people, the economy will have an increased flow of money and begin to improve itself over time. With his extensive experience in managing a large company, Gonzalez understands the intricacies of balancing a budget, even one as a large as a government’s.

While Jose Manuel Gonzalez sees himself as a dutiful civic leader, he understands the value of keeping talented people by his side. This is a part of the reason that he has devoted so much time and energy into encouraging others to get involved in political affairs. It is his hope that once enough people start participating in the government, they can pool their talents together and create something that is truly much more representative of the people than what currently exists.

Talk Fusion Streamlines Video Communication in a Big Way

Talk Fusion is a widely known company that focuses on the world of video marketing. It’s located in Brandon, Florida, a Hillsborough County community. Talk Fusion has been in business for nearly a decade now. It was created back in 2007 by Bob Reina, who currently serves as its Chief Executive Officer. The primary goal at Talk Fusion is to transform human existences and expand businesses by engaging in up-and-coming video technology practices. This firm adopts a person-to-person marketing strategy. Talk Fusion’s staff consists of a large number of independent representatives in 140 plus nations all around the planet.

Talk Fusion is recognized for having launched the Instant Pay Compensation Plan. The planet had never seen anything quite like it before. Some of the diverse areas of expertise that are offered by this advertising and marketing entity include contemporary video communication devices, live meetings, video chat, lead capture, video email and video conferences.

Many people admire Talk Fusion’s video email offerings. Talk Fusion’s approach simplifies the process of making video messages. The company helps people set up video emails that are suitable for charitable efforts, personal use and business. Users can explore selections of many first-rate design templates. They can also opt to upload their own video clips.

Live meetings are another major focal point for the team at Talk Fusion. People who are interested in putting together international presentations can fully trust Talk Fusion’s live meeting assistance. The company streamlines the task of organizing live meetings for work purposes. It gives people the chance to exchange files with a maximum of 500 guests total. It even lets users make recordings of their meetings.

Talk Fusion’s video newsletters have many loyal fans. If a business owner wants to produce a memorable and meaningful video newsletter, Talk Fusion’s offerings can be an invaluable source of help. Talk Fusion offers users a convenient “drag and drop” tool that makes putting together effective video newsletters feel like a piece of cake. Users can also introduce images and text to their newsletters. The company’s newsletters can be beneficial for those who wish to boost responses.

Eric Pulier’s Successful Career

As a businessman and an innovator who has created countless technological solutions, Eric Pulier is responsible for founding, co-founding, as well as developing over 15 different successful companies that have grown exponentially to generate hundreds of millions of dollars on annual basis. Eric Pulier has always had a passion for business which has tied in with his passion for helping other individuals who are considered to be less fortunate than himself. As a businessman, Mr. Pulier has always tied together philanthropy with business and has created countless companies that have been dedicated to not only helping, but also informing others on some of the most relevant and complex issues. As a philanthropist, Mr. Pulier has been particularly dedicated to helping young children who suffer from chronic illnesses. Mr. Pulier has used his wealth to fund summer camps for children with chronic illnesses as well as hospitals for children.

As an avid donator and overall philanthropist, Pulier has even created a social media site for children with chronic illnesses. This social media site has connected children in over 70 hospitals across the United States. Children who join this site can post content, blog, and even chat with each other. The idea behind this site is to show children that they are not alone in what they are experiencing. Children can talk to others who are going through the same issue and can share stories. Eric Pulier created this social media site early on in his career and has helped thousands of young children with connecting with their issue.

Eric Pulier, over the past three decades, has received countless awards for his innovation as well as for his dedication to making the world a better place. Mr. Pulier has shown his true desire to help others which eventually earned him a spot with a think tank which was created by former Vice President of the United States, Al Gore. Like Pulier’s initiative, the goal was to address some of the world’s most complex and dire issues with innovative solutions that involve the creation of new and advanced technology for the world to use.

The world of John Goullet

Raised from a humble and loving family, John Goullet grew up with an aesthetic appreciation for others. His peers have only fond memories of how he placed other people’s needs in front of his own. He was a bright student and easily breezed through Ursinus College where he received a bachelor and master’s degree in Computer science.

With his firm sense of duty and responsibility, John worked in several Information and Technology companies before venturing on his own. He founded Info Technologies in 1994 with the few cash he has saved and in less than five years, he had a portfolio worth in excess of thirty million dollars.

His company Info Technologies was dedicated to understanding the commercial environment and customer’s information technology staffing requirements. With this, they tried and matched them with the work style, skill set and personality of the consultants. His company was ranked eighth amongst the fastest rising private businesses in the United States by Inc. Magazine.

In 2010, his company merged with Diversant Inc. to form Diversant LLC where he was named the principle executive. This is a fully certified minority owned business that prides itself on being the best information and technology staffing firm. The company also offers product assortments like innovative diversity solutions, direct hire and IT staffing augmentation. The company is focused on ensuring that the needs of their clients are fully satisfied. The company helps institutions and businesses to find their appropriate IT talent from the competitive IT field. They use relevant methods to vet qualified experts and sort them out to suit a certain firm.

Diversant Inc. is a replica of John’s personal drive, professional expertise and commitment to helping other people. Even with the economic downturn, the company has grown rapidly and has a reputation for brilliance among numerous fortune companies.

Goullet is a self-motivated individual whose passion for information technology pushes him to ensure that all challenges are overcome. His unquestionable leadership qualities have enabled him to build relationships with all their clients that will serve them soundly for many years to come. These relationships are built on hard work, trust and honesty.