Madison Street Capital Finalizes Another Successful Financing Deal Between Clients

Madison’s Street Capital senior managing director, McGaugh Reginald, announced the maturation of a transaction deal between Corbel Structured Equity Partners and ARES Security Corporation. The deal involved Madison overseeing the beginning of a long financial relationship between the two firms. Corbel Structured Equity Partners is set to start providing ARES Security with funds to cover a capitalization project. Madison’s role in the deal entailed advising their longtime client, ARES Corporation, on the most suitable financial path that will cater well to investments and debt repayments. ARES Security is a top security management firm in Vienna that aims to analyze software risks of other enterprises and provide satisfying solutions.


ARES Security revealed their satisfaction Madison’s performance in the agreement and determined that Corbel is the most suitable partner in the transaction. Corbel Structured has a flexible capitalization strategy and partnership program that will blend well with the needs of ARES Security. The recently funded ARES project will ensure the consistent growth of sales and generation of future income generating activities. The President of ARES Security stated that his firm was deeply appreciative of Madison’s role in the deal. He revealed that Madison displayed an outstanding level of intelligence, diligence, detailed analysis and management skills in landing the right financing partner for the project.


Reginald McGaugh describes ARES Security as a unique enterprise with modernized technology that provides ultimate security to businesses around the world. He attributes the success of the dealership to the excellent administration team of ARES, comprising of the board and the top executives, which prompted Madison to put their best foot forward in finding a good financing partner. Madison Street Capital is an internationally operating investment banking enterprise that provides clients in both the private and public sectors with a proficient financial advisory. The Madison Street Capital reputation is highly revered since its inception. It has garnered a countless number of positive review from customers who found their services and products adequate.


Madison Street Capital has its headquarter offices in Chicago Illinois and has regional offices in Africa, Asia, and North America, specifically in Accra in Ghana, Oregon, Lake Oswego, West Bengal in India and Haryana. It specializes in the transaction of mergers and acquisitions, market value pricing, prompt diligence, deal development, specific financing, valuation of strategies, and application of contract exiting procedures. They major in fostering healthy relationships in local markets and enterprises in the regions that they operate. They use the knowledge of the partners involved to skillfully and successfully match the needs of clients with the available resources.


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