Three Ways to Get Help Through MB2 Dental

Tips For Your Overall Dental Health

If you need to always protect your dentistry and make sure that your teeth are healthy and clean, MB2 Dental can help you out with any needs that you have. We are great at what we do, due in large part to the fact that Dr. Chris Villanueva is one of the best dental professionals around. We hold steady to hire standards at our firm and would be glad to assist you with any visit that you require. Start out by following these three tips so that you can make the most out of any oral health care needs that you have.

#1: Schedule a dental exam every year

On a basic level, one of the best things you can do is get in touch with us anytime that you require a dental exam. We will set you on a pace to getting a dental exam each and every year, so that you do not have to deal with cavities unnecessarily. This way, we will account for any of the dental issues that you have and will make it so that they are cared for through preventative care.

#2: Make sure to get regular teeth cleanings

You also need to make sure that you get in touch with our dentist so that we can provide regular cleaning for you. Regular dental cleanings will make sure that you do not accumulate bacteria unnecessarily and that you do not allow plaque to wear down your dental health as a whole. Plaque and gingivitis can deteriorate your oral health, so reaching out to our dental professionals will make sure that this never happens to you.

#3: Contact us when you notice something out of place

Finally, you will be able to improve your health care by simply getting in touch with us and letting us know that you want an appointment. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner we will be able to schedule an appointment that will be useful to you. We can put you in our system so that you will be able to simply see the doctor when it is time and expedite the process and avoid any waiting times.

By taking advantage of these tips, you will be in a really good position to get the oral health care that you require. Our dental practice is waiting to hear from you, so get in touch today!

How Todd Lubar is changing the Mortgage and Real Estate Industry

Todd Lubar is a business executive and currently the President of TDL Ventures, LLC, a financial and mortgage company. He is also the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments.

Todd went to The Peddie School in Hightstown, NJ and later on joined the Syracuse University, where he graduated with a B.A in 1995 in speech communication.

According to, his career kicked off when he started working with Crestar Mortgage Corporation immediately after graduating and worked as a loan originator. He worked with the company for four years, and in 1999 he left and joined Legacy Financial group located in Texas. His contribution to the Maryland office helped to grow it to a $100 million in annual loan volume. In 2002, he opened Legendary Properties, LLC, which is a real estate development company that focuses on residential development. In 2005, he decided to seek more challenging roles and accepted a job with Charter Funding as their new Senior Vice President. Charter Funding is located in Arizona and is a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corp. He served in this position until 2007.

He tapped into a niche of underserved people, and as a result, he formed Legendary Financial LLC. Legendary Financial LLC was affiliated to Legendary Properties, LLC and acted as a commercial lender for companies and individuals. Ever since its formation, Legendary Financial LLC has been able to lend to more people who would be overlooked by other lending facilities. See,

His involvement in the mortgage lending and witnessing thousands of transactions equipped him with intuitive knowledge and the ability to analyze the risk involved in any loan and make appropriate decisions regarding that loan.

During the financial crisis of 2008, many mortgage companies saw a reduction in their business. During this period, he worked with Priority Financial services, purchasing money mortgage in his hometown.

He also engaged in other forms of businesses including commercial demolitions after landing big contracts from leading contractors in the country. He also ventured into the Automotive Scrap Metal business. The company experienced a positive market growth, which led it to be traded publicly.

His involvement in real estate and mortgage lending has enabled people who were not considered by mortgage lenders to own homes. His goal is to help as many people as possible to put roofs over their heads.

Todd is married with two children and is currently residing in Bethesda, Maryland, where he oversees all his business progress. Do a quick Google search to learn more about Todd Lubar.

Bruce Levenson: Professionalizing in Philanthropy

Back in 2010, Bruce Levenson started an initiative called the Do Good Institute at the University of Maryland. In a recent interview published on, Levenson gives an update on the project. Levenson, the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks, wants to promote professionalism among future nonprofit leaders.

Bruce Levenson didn’t just talk about his idea. He provided $75 million in seed funding to get the Do Good Institute started. The state of Maryland kicked in another $20 million. According to Levenson, there are a lot of good people and organizations with great potential in the nonprofit sector. All too many lack the business skills to be effective in a largely profit-driven marketplace. Changing this is Levenson’s goal.

According to another article from PR News, the project is transforming the University of Maryland campus. It is built around a hands-on approach. In a course called Philanthropy 101, students are given $10,000 to support a cause of their choice. Some students have started initiatives to reduce waste and make “imperfect” or unsightly produce available to consumers at low prices.The Do Good Institute has spawned a popular major in the area of nonprofit management and entrepreneurship. Levenson points out that this sort of initiative also helps keep the physical campus relevant in an era of alternative and online education options.

Bruce Levenson ( is no stranger to entrepreneurial projects. He began his career in 1977, working out of his Maryland apartment. There he produced a business information newsletter called Oil Express. He built this modest beginning into United Communications Group. UCG is now one of the largest privately held business information firms in America. It serves firms in the energy, telecommunications and other sectors.

Levenson’s other philanthropic activities include the I Have a Dream Foundation and the U.S. Holocaust Museum. Levenson sold the Atlanta Hawks in 2014 and now devotes more time to philanthropy.

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Let George Street Photo And Video Record Your Wedding

George Street Photo and Video will record your wedding in a journalistic style from beginning to end. You can feature themed weddings with ease at their Lincoln Avenue location in Chicago, IL. You can develop the theme on your own or ask for suggestions and guidance from their experienced and courteous staff. They can suggest locations and packages suited to your interests. They will be there for you from start to finish.

Serving the Northern New Jersey area is their Fairfield, New Jersey location. They will appoint a staff — your staff, actually, to be with you before and after the wedding, and they will provide you with full documentation of that wonderful day in your lives. Call George Street today and ask for details.

Waiakea’s Contribution to the Shifting Taste in Food and Beverages Preferred by Society

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has topped the list of 10 Best Water for three years in a row. The company’s win is a triumph against its predecessors such as Evian, Fiji, Voss, SmartWater and Icelandic Glacial. In 2017, Waiakea water received an award from Best Water Volcanic for providing customers with sparkling, tasty, and pure water.

Best Volcanic acknowledges Waiakea’s commitment to the business and cultural integrity of transforming the water industry. The Grubstreet awarding platform recognized Waiakea in its annual food and beverage awards for producing the tastiest water in the United States.

Waiakea water brand has left an impressionable influence on its customers and recognition for more than just the water. It has a CarbonNeutral certification and is involved in a couple of society forward initiatives. By using a 100 percent RPET packaging, low emission transport, smaller CO2 footprints and sustainable sources, it is promoting reforestation in the world.

The founder of Waiakea water, Ryan Emmons, stated that in the recent years, the society had shifted its taste of edible products to more organic foods and beverages. According to the CEO, receiving several awards from highly acclaimed platforms is confirmation to the changing taste of food in the community.

Waiakea’s water is the combination of melted snow and rain on the Mauna Loa volcano mountain on Big Island. The water passes through thousand feet long of porous volcanic rock. The collected water is tested and confirmed to be alkaline, full of electrolytes and naturally tasty.

Ryan Emmons stated that by establishing Waiakea springs, he and his partners sought to revolutionize the industry of bottling water. The firm has a dedication to portraying more morally upright ethics in producing water and giving back to the society through the business.

According to Global News Wire, Waiakea water source is at the foot of the volcano mountain situated in Hawaii. According to the Hawaiian belief, “malama u ka ‘ǟina,” it is of critical importance to protect the natural land. In return of fetching the water from the mountains, Ryan Emmons has signed up his company into several philanthropic movements.

The water firm donates water to Malawians in need of water for a month by partnering with Pump Aid in projects. They are involved in building education, promoting a healthy environment and peace among the Hawaii people.

The company which began operating in 2012, has garnered 200 percent of revenue for every subsequent year in the industry. Ryan Emmons started the firm as a high school student and continues to forge key relationships for the success of his enterprise.

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