Norman Pattiz of PodcastOne

Norman Pattiz the PodcastOne executive chairman teamed up with Tom Webster the Edison Research VP of Strategy. They did a series of comprehensive studies to see what the results were for advertising tests with five major national consumer brands. The products and categories in the study were for pre and post campaign for podcast advertisers.

The studies were done in 2016 and the data showed the positive impact podcast advertising has for the products. This included brand recall, plus the intent to purchase and messaging.

The results showed that before an advertising campaign the product went from 7% to 60% after the mention of a grocery brand. Financial services products reached 47% and auto aftermarket products up by 37% and lawn and garden products reached 24%.

After the advertising campaign more than one-third of the people responding had a very favorable opinion of the aftermarket auto products. The lawn and garden products participants said they were very likely to consider them. While the aftermarket auto products increased by 60 %, another product advertised was casual dining restaurants that hit 76%.

This was divided into three studies for PodcastOne to learn about podcast advertising for the five national brands. The products while some were well-known others were lesser known. The well-known products got new messaging and this data is from after the products were advertised between 4 and 6 weeks.

Executive Chairman Norman Pattiz said about the studies the PodcastOne has a core focus to independently verify the podcast format. This way they can make certain the advertising of products is has a larger impact than traditional types of advertising brands.

Crunchbase reports that Norman Pattiz is a founder of PodcastOne and has more than 40 years in radio syndication. He was a founder of Westwood One that while there the company became the largest American provider of talk and traffic including sports, news, and entertainment. In 2010 Mr. Pattiz founded Courtside Entertainment Group.

Norman Pattiz served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the U.S. he was appointed by President Clinton in 2000 and reappointed in 2002 by President Bush. The board oversees all U.S. broadcasting services except for military broadcasting.

These services include The Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, Middle East Broadcasting, and Radio Liberty, along with others. Mr. Pattiz got inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009 and got the Giants of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting.

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Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Migrant rights in Hungary has been a pressing issue for the past several years. Many Europeans remember thousands of migrants brought in and stranded at Budapest’s Keleti Pályaudvar (East Railway Station) where, for days, migrants slept on the cold concrete and begged passerby’s for food and safe passage further West.

These migrants were on their way to larger countries with more opportunities. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were forced to use Hungary as a highway to their final destinations in places like Germany, France and the UK. Many of these migrants have been harassed and mistreated by police and citizens alike whist on their way to bigger and better things.

Through the hard work of The Human Rights Initiative (HRSI) borne from Budapest’s Central European University, students from all over Europe have been educated about the need for basic human rights. In the event of Hungary’s migrant crisis, many student and local NGO’s have worked hard to promote social engagement with migrants and to help them receive basic needs.

HRSI focuses on individual involvement and helping students prepare for the future where human rights can be trounced by outer forces like the government and local pressures. Through their dedication, international students and Hungarians have a growing awareness of their nations need for law reform and for care for the growing migrant population. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase and Michael Larcey | Twitter

HRSI is among the many fantastic Civil Rights organizations all over the world, including many right here in the United States. One such organization is the Lacy and Larkin Frontera Fund.

Lacy and Larkin Frontera have worked tirelessly for the rights of individuals around the world especially for the protection of migrants from Mexico. Their site includes articles listing problems and potential solutions for the migrant crisis on the Mexican-American border.

You can find helpful links to local NGO’s and join the fight for the rights of migrant Mexicans. On their site you can also find great resources and ways to educate others on this growing concern south of our border.

Two such organizations represented on their site are the Arizona Justice Project and the Center for Neighbourhood Leadership. These grass-roots movements are aimed at ending prejudice against minorities and promoting peace and equality. They also seek stability for families and future focused careers and work placement. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Please visit the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund for details about how to get involved and for local news on current Civil Rights issues.

About Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund


Jeremy Goldstein – Experienced Lawyer in New York With Proven Track Record

One of the biggest problems that the people face when dealing with a legal case or a lawsuit is to which attorney to hire. The state of New York has many prominent and experienced lawyers but finding the right one who can take up your case and get you the deserving justice can be difficult, especially for the people who are dealing with the legal situation for the first time.



To put an end to such problems that individuals in the New York State face on a regular basis, the Lawyer Referral and Information Service of the New York State Bar Association, recently launched a new and unique service. The new service would allow the clients to find the lawyer who is suitably experienced and qualified to handle the case in hand. The professional staff at the New York State Bar Association would go through the case details provided by the clients in the online questionnaire they fill up. It makes it easier for the clients to find a good lawyer with experience and good legal standing. The clients are under no obligation at all to hire the lawyers they are referred to, and there is a nominal fee for the first consultation.



Jeremy Goldstein is one of the most respected and sought after lawyer in the New York State. Over the years, Jeremy Goldstein has made a name for himself in the state by fighting some of the most challenging cases and winning them decisively. Jeremy Goldstein is the founder and partner at a highly successful law firm in the state, named Jeremy Goldstein and Associates LLC. Jeremy Goldstein is known as an expert in compliance law, civil law, corporate law, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, risk management, advising compensation committee and more. Jeremy Goldstein has worked with many successful law firms in the past, including the leading Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz.


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Doe Deere and the Unique Company of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the founder and creator of Lime Crime beauty products. These beauty products are meant to be as individual and unique as each person who buys them. They have bright and amazingly unique colors that you will not see in most other beauty products. For example, they have a lipstick that is a blue called Unicorn that is very popular and sought after by so many people other companies are attempting to recreate it for themselves. The sight even claims that their makeup is meant for unicorns. Although they are very popular the beauty products are certified vegan and cruelty free.

Doe Deere is a very bright and dramatic person herself. Her looks are unique and bright. She was born in Russia but raised in New York City. Her goal has been to prove to everyone that makeup is not only meant to cover up, but to help a person express themselves. Her line of cosmetics includes lipsticks, eyeshadows, and nail polishes.

Savoir Flair did an interview with Doe Deere to see what her routine for success was. Her daily success starts with a night of well rested sleep of nine hours. Waking up at 8:30 a.m. she has breakfast in her kitchen while looking out her window. She begins figuring out what her plans are for the day. Drinking a full glass of water and doing her stretches are just the beginning. She also claims that having a good hearty healthy breakfast is a good key to the start of her day and beauty.

Doe Deere tries to keep her mornings free of anything digital, but spends her days responding to emails and cruising through Instagram. She does enjoy listening to music while she does her makeup, which happens to usually be The Beatles. This is her favorite part of her morning since she gets to spend by herself and not have to deal with any other person. She does have two Persians that she loves to spend her morning with though. The rest of her day usually involves eating lunch, socializing with her team, and attending meetings.

There is never a typical day for a person like Doe Deere. She enjoys sharing such a unique vision with the world and continues to develop these ideas for everyone to enjoy. Her Lime Crime products are a great way to be unique, loud, and proud!


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Securus’ institutional customers rave over cellular interdiction tech

One of the most serious problems facing the nation’s carceral institutions today is the scourge of illicit cell phones. These devices may seem innocuous enough, but they’re often used by highly organized criminal gangs to further activities that are both dangerous and pose a serious threat to the institution and even the safety of those in the outside.


Illegal cellular telephones are often passed into the prison through in-person visitation. Visitors to the prison will secrete the illicit devices within their clothing, purses or even bodies. Once inside the prison, these devices pose a serious threat. Corrections officers are completely unable to monitor the communications taking place on unknown and illicit cellular devices. In addition to this, modern cell phones have the computing power of typical laptops that were on the market 15 years ago. This means that a prisoner with access to a cell phone, in effect, has full computer access. This is a situation that can become very dangerous when these devices are allowed into the hands of shot callers and other gang members, who often use them to further drug deals, witness intimidation and even to perform hits on the outside of the prison, as well as against other inmates.


But Securus Technologies is changing all of this. Through its system known as Stingray, a cutting edge cellular interdiction and detection system devised on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan for use against enemy combatants, Securus is quickly stepping up the fight against elicit cellular devices within the nation’s prisons. Stingray gives corrections officers the tools they need to completely eliminate all contraband cellular devices from the institutions that are charged with keeping safe.


This is a major step forward in removing a powerful weapon that gangs use to consolidate and maintain their power.

Brown Modelling Agency: A Pioneering Talent Agency In Austin

The fashion industry is one that is ever growing, with the need of models always on the rise. Designers and ad makers are constantly on the lookout for new models to walk the runways and flaunt the designer’s clothes. The modeling industry is a billion dollar one, with numerous agencies popping up all over the country.

Brown Agency is a place for designers to find the perfect match for their fashion line in the southern part of the United States. The agency has grown to be hugely successful over the years, sourcing designers to some of the top designers in the country. Models from Brown have worked for campaigns all over the world, and have been part of some of the biggest fashion shows around.

Brown Modeling Agency was founded by Justin Brown in 2008 and since then has been a huge success. In 2010, the organization teamed up with Wilhelmina National Agency, which is one of the biggest modeling agencies in the entire world, and one of the stands out companies in the international world of fashion. Justin Brown saw this as a brilliant opportunity to give his models the push that they needed to make it big on a larger platform. He knew that if he wanted the models that are represented by the agency to bag large campaigns, he would need a little help. And who better to receive help from than a company who is known to be the best of its kind.

However, while Justin Brown wanted to expand the company to a more of a national level, he also wanted to be able to provide the city of Austin with the interstate talent that they needed. Today, Brown Modeling Agency is one of the most sought after agencies for models who are coming from within the state of Texas. To further stem their position in the south, Justin Brown entered into an agreement with Michael Bonnee of Heyman Talent South to expand his reach to other cities in the state.

According to Market Wired, Brown Model Agency differs from other agencies in a way, in the sense that the company focuses on training all the models who sign up with them. Since the models who are working with the company also represent it and are the face of Brown Modeling Agency, the company makes lots of effort into making sure that they are professional at all times and meet their client’s expectations.

Justin Brown believes that one must only make promises that one can keep, and when it comes to the company, he tries his best to fulfill the promises that he makes to the designers and clients who come to him. He has worked in some of the biggest fashion shows in New York and in Los Angeles, which is why he knows exactly what the fashion industry expects from these models.

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A Possible Breakthrough in Lung Stem Cell Therapy and Treatment

Lung ailments have for many years caused a lot of pain, anguish, and even death. People suffering from lung related diseases have been forced to spend thousands of dollars on treatments that never seem to bear fruit. As a result, a lot of people have lost faith in medical systems that they once trusted merely because they never get completely healed from a majority of these maladies. However, a breakthrough at The Lung Institute has brought about a technology that allows the regeneration of stem cells. Through stem therapy, issues like pulmonary fibrosis might become a thing of the past.

For years, The Lung Institute that came into being in 2013 has been on a quest to find a lasting cure for lung ailments. According to, with its recent development, the institute has been able to diagnose and treat thousands of patients successfully. By using stem cell regeneration or therapy, these patients have experienced relief in a short span of time. Treatment always starts by the doctors at the institute removing healthy stem cells from particular parts of a patient’s body. The most targeted elements are the blood and bone marrow where most of these stem cells thrive. It is only from the above that the healthy cells are then returned to your body and lodged in your weak lungs. Within a couple of days, the bad cells are stimulated to regenerate into healthy ones leaving you better than you were before.

Because of the above breakthrough, The Lung Institute has been forced to grow and expand so as to cater for the health needs of lung patients, particularly those residing in the United States of America. Regions that can easily access services from The Lung Institute include Pittsburgh, Nashville, Tampa, Scottsdale, and Dallas. In a span of three years, the organization has accomplished something that has eluded doctors for decades. It is because of the above accomplishment that former lung patients can now lead a normal and healthy life without relying on bulky oxygen tanks. Since stem therapy has proven to be useful in the treatment ( of lung ailments, it is an approach that requires exploiting so as to show if it can be effective in healing other diseases as well. To learn ore about lung stem cell therapy, subscribe to the Lung Institute‘s YouTube channel.

Madison Street Capital Finalizes Another Successful Financing Deal Between Clients

Madison’s Street Capital senior managing director, McGaugh Reginald, announced the maturation of a transaction deal between Corbel Structured Equity Partners and ARES Security Corporation. The deal involved Madison overseeing the beginning of a long financial relationship between the two firms. Corbel Structured Equity Partners is set to start providing ARES Security with funds to cover a capitalization project. Madison’s role in the deal entailed advising their longtime client, ARES Corporation, on the most suitable financial path that will cater well to investments and debt repayments. ARES Security is a top security management firm in Vienna that aims to analyze software risks of other enterprises and provide satisfying solutions.


ARES Security revealed their satisfaction Madison’s performance in the agreement and determined that Corbel is the most suitable partner in the transaction. Corbel Structured has a flexible capitalization strategy and partnership program that will blend well with the needs of ARES Security. The recently funded ARES project will ensure the consistent growth of sales and generation of future income generating activities. The President of ARES Security stated that his firm was deeply appreciative of Madison’s role in the deal. He revealed that Madison displayed an outstanding level of intelligence, diligence, detailed analysis and management skills in landing the right financing partner for the project.


Reginald McGaugh describes ARES Security as a unique enterprise with modernized technology that provides ultimate security to businesses around the world. He attributes the success of the dealership to the excellent administration team of ARES, comprising of the board and the top executives, which prompted Madison to put their best foot forward in finding a good financing partner. Madison Street Capital is an internationally operating investment banking enterprise that provides clients in both the private and public sectors with a proficient financial advisory. The Madison Street Capital reputation is highly revered since its inception. It has garnered a countless number of positive review from customers who found their services and products adequate.


Madison Street Capital has its headquarter offices in Chicago Illinois and has regional offices in Africa, Asia, and North America, specifically in Accra in Ghana, Oregon, Lake Oswego, West Bengal in India and Haryana. It specializes in the transaction of mergers and acquisitions, market value pricing, prompt diligence, deal development, specific financing, valuation of strategies, and application of contract exiting procedures. They major in fostering healthy relationships in local markets and enterprises in the regions that they operate. They use the knowledge of the partners involved to skillfully and successfully match the needs of clients with the available resources.


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Whitney Wolfe Impresses Young Generation

Whitney Wolfe is the one that has tweaked the dating at world, and she has actually made things exciting. It is something that challenges a lot of other entrepreneurs that have created apps to also think outside the box. Many people have been able to see the insight Whitney Wolfe has had, and they are trying to duplicate what she is doing.

Whitney Wolfe has been successful in doing Bumble because she was already familiar with the app world, and she had done her research. She was aware of what the app world offered when it came to dating. This would be the thing that would help her to stand her ground and solidify a name for herself as a dating app leader that thrived on innovation. This is what so many of the dating apps lack because everything seems to duplicate what is already out there.

There’s a blueprint for the dating app world that simply put singles in place where they can group by people by age or location. There are no frills to dating apps because the large majority of these apps look the same. What Whitney Wolfe wanted to do was create an app that will get people to talk. This will start a buzz about the type of promotion that would be vital for an app that would only be promoted online. There are no commercials for this dating app. There is no other platform in which people would learn about her business aside from word of mouth promotion. That is why Whitney Wolfe has been so supportive of the millennials that support her app. She knew that it would take a young crowd that was interested in talking about this app with others to get it off the ground so she impressed the youth.

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Three Ways to Get Help Through MB2 Dental

Tips For Your Overall Dental Health

If you need to always protect your dentistry and make sure that your teeth are healthy and clean, MB2 Dental can help you out with any needs that you have. We are great at what we do, due in large part to the fact that Dr. Chris Villanueva is one of the best dental professionals around. We hold steady to hire standards at our firm and would be glad to assist you with any visit that you require. Start out by following these three tips so that you can make the most out of any oral health care needs that you have.

#1: Schedule a dental exam every year

On a basic level, one of the best things you can do is get in touch with us anytime that you require a dental exam. We will set you on a pace to getting a dental exam each and every year, so that you do not have to deal with cavities unnecessarily. This way, we will account for any of the dental issues that you have and will make it so that they are cared for through preventative care.

#2: Make sure to get regular teeth cleanings

You also need to make sure that you get in touch with our dentist so that we can provide regular cleaning for you. Regular dental cleanings will make sure that you do not accumulate bacteria unnecessarily and that you do not allow plaque to wear down your dental health as a whole. Plaque and gingivitis can deteriorate your oral health, so reaching out to our dental professionals will make sure that this never happens to you.

#3: Contact us when you notice something out of place

Finally, you will be able to improve your health care by simply getting in touch with us and letting us know that you want an appointment. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner we will be able to schedule an appointment that will be useful to you. We can put you in our system so that you will be able to simply see the doctor when it is time and expedite the process and avoid any waiting times.

By taking advantage of these tips, you will be in a really good position to get the oral health care that you require. Our dental practice is waiting to hear from you, so get in touch today!