The Beauty in Personality Diversity


Carl G. Jung categorizes people by their preference of general attitude (introverts and extroverts), perception (sensing or intuition) and method of judgment (thinking vs. feeling). These areas of preferences are dichotomies by the fact that each bipolar dimension represents a different preference. According to Jung, in any person one of the four functions is dominant – either a function of perception or a function of judging. All possible permutations of preferences in the four dichotomies above give way to 16 different combinations known as personality types. The personality types are assigned a four letter acronym for the corresponding combination of preferences.

For instance EIFJ stands for extraverted intuitive Feeling Judging. TV personality Oprah Winfrey and Jennifer Lopez are under this category. They are benevolent and charismatic with great interpersonal skills and unique salesmanship. They believe in their dreams and are helpers and enablers always seeing a bigger picture. Their entrepreneurial ability is top notch.

INFJ represents introverted intuitive Thinking Judging. Jay Z and James Cameron are examples. They are best known for their definiteness and self-confidence and are able to tell immediately whether or not they can help and how. INFJ famous people are perfectionists and possess a combination of imagination and reliability. They are also known to disregard authority and implementing critical decisions without consultations. Their most unique trait is their intuitive abilities and their willingness to strive relationships.

ESTP denotes Extraverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving. They are spontaneous, vigorous and prefer acting on their impulses. They are attracted to activities involving risk, speed; ecstasy and great power. They have excellent gamesmanship, natural driven by competition. An example is Chuck Norris and Donald Trump.

Waiakea Water Secrets to Success


Bottled water is one of the most popular products in the beverage industry. It can be consumed by anyone anywhere. It has no age limits, and it is cheap.

There thousands of companies that deals with water bottling but only a few are Successful in the market. In most cases, the popular brands of bottled water are those with most decades in the industry, but the situation is different when it comes to Waiakea Water.

Waiakea water is a product of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Company that was founded in the year 2012 and within a span of three years; it had grown to 4000%.

About the Company

According to Organic Authority, A 22-year-old entrepreneur founded Waiakea Water ; Ray Emmons. He discovered there was a need of water rich in minerals and great package and he came up with such a product. It was accepted in the market, and it even outdid most of the existing bottled water products in the market.

The company has had an annual growth of 170%, and it has grown from selling 2,304 cases to 122, 400 cases. Most of the local retailers in the region have accepted the product as well as wholesalers, and this has positively impacted the product’s distribution.

The company is estimated to be worth $10 million. The company sources water from the melting snow and ice flowing from the peak of Mauna Loa volcano. Water flowing over these rocks adds mineral to the water like Potassium, magnesium, and calcium that are vital in good health of the skin, hair, and bones.


According to the company, for every bottle of water sold, 650ml of water is donated to African families who live in places with no or little water. The company has given over 500 million liters of water to African families living in arid areas. Learn more about more Waiakea Water:

The company collaborated with PumpAid a non-profit organization to combine efforts and reach more Africans looking for clean water for domestic use and their animals. Over 1.35 million have benefited from the charity, and still, the two organizations are working to reach more people who are in need of water.


Most of the successful water companies have been on the market for over five decades. Their success is as a result of being consistent in the market and not for being unique, outstanding with a quality product. However, the case is different for Waiakea water, the product was a game changer, and that is the reason it received a positive response.

UK Vintners See Large Increase In Interest

In the UK, a vintner refers to a wine merchant. This term is used almost everywhere to mean wine merchant, except for the US, where it is used to mean winemaker. The difference is that the wine merchant sells what the winemaker makes. Sometimes, they are the same. But, sometimes they are not the same. UK vintners are wine merchants, but you won’t find them at your local market, selling wines from a booth.

The vintners deal in fine wines from France and other production venues, such as Italy and Spain, as an investment. People invest in wines, just like gold, stocks, and bonds. A true collector’s wine will usually go up in value. Germany and Portugal also produce some investment wines, but in limited quantity.

UK vintners know this, and they are brokers of some of the finest wines from the best Chateaux in France. Remember that wine is consumed, so a particularly good wine, when much of it is consumed, will go up in value. It isn’t a replaceable item; once drank, it is gone.

The BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) are an emerging market for vintners, as wine collectors in those countries discover the value of a good wine. UK vintners will counsel individuals on what are good wines for investment purposes, and what are good wines for consumption. They are not always exactly the same thing. Some individuals in those emerging markets have absolutely no idea as to what kind of wine they should purchase as an investment. Collecting wines is like collection coins: some are priceless, and some are worthless. UK vintners will let the buyer know immediately if their choice is one that will make a solid return on their investment. Even then, nothing is guaranteed, and there is a risk, though wine seldom ever goes down in value.

The best way to purchase wines for your collection is either on line, or visit the UK vintners’ offices. Most are listed on line; just use a simples search engine, and one can find hundreds of wine brokers to suit the needs of just about anyone’s budget.

Some of the investors never take delivery of the wines they buy; they let the Chateaux hold it for them, and they reap the rewards if someone wants to pay them higher price. They purchase the bottle and sell it, without ever even seeing their investment.

Of course, most buyers do not do exactly that. They buy because they not only feel it’s a good investment, but face it, they want to tickle their taste buds with some of the world’s finest wines.

Fabletics Succeeding In Brick & Mortar With Their VIP Members

Fabletics is an online athletic clothing fashion retailer owned by Kate Hudson. The fashion brand promotes healthy lifestyle, active fitness, and fashion forward style. The website offers a range of different workout apparel designed for running, spinning, yoga, pilates, and more. The outfits are a great quality and they are available at a great price point. They have been very successful with their online business and are now expanding into physical brick and mortar stores.


Fabletics is going into business where many before have failed, and they are succeeding. One of the reasons Fabletics is seeing such success is because their approach is very calculated. Fabletics is using data analytics from their websites to be sure their physical stores are stocked with what will sell in the local area. They can estimate how many sizes of each style they will need, the colors that will be popular, and even if running or yoga apparel will be more popular.


The customers walking into the brick and mortar stores are typically already members of Fabletic’s VIP program. The VIP program requires a $50 purchase each month for the member to update her fitness wardrobe. Payment info is stored in the system so the member doesn’t miss a wardrobe update and Fabletics is guaranteed a sale. The VIP member gets more because the already good prices are slashed further for VIP members. VIP members can typically pick up an entire outfit for their $50 including a top, a pair of bottoms and a zip up or sport bra to layer over or under the top.


The collections offered each month work symbiotically together because the collections build upon one another. The VIP member isn’t just updating her wardrobe, she is compiling a collection designed with her in mind. VIP members have exclusive access to a stylist service that hand picks selections for them each month based on what type of workouts they do and what their style preferences are. In this way the VIP member is saving time in her busy schedule, streamlining her athletic wear shopping process, and she is getting a quality and affordable product every time.


When the VIP member goes into the Fabletic’s physical store she is typically already a member but is coming to experience the brand on another level. The Fabletics enthusiast has money to spend in store because her $50 per month for the membership isn’t breaking the bank. The stores offer more of what the VIP member loves, and they are offering new and different styles that their website hasn’t launched yet. The stores are operating as incubators of new ideas, and hubs to get not yet members interested in the membership. As expected with Fabletic’s commitment to their members, the stores serve as a place for new members to sign up for the membership. People can come in and just buy one thing, but the idea is for the new customer to walk out of the store with their new membership up and running.

Brian Torchin: A Man of Many Talents

Most successful people in business often have an array of skills and talents, a jack of all trades, and a master of many sort of mentality. Those who successfully run their own business often venture into the foray of more than just one business venture. One of those who fit into this category of successful skilled entrepreneurs is Brian Torchin.

As a current business partner running an eclectic staffing agency, Brian Torchin needs to have many skills to find the niche they need to be successful. The staffing agency, HCRC Staffing, he helped establish, helps medical and legal professionals find employment, as well as helps medical and legal facilities find medical and legal professionals, including doctors and attorneys.

Part of what makes HCRC Staffing so successful under Brian’s management is his approach to customer service. Even during tough economic times, Brian Torchin uses the approach of long-term and repeat business to take care of customers and clients, meaning he puts them first and takes care of the customer.

Part of Brian’s drive for success has been built on a foundation of hard work and education. Brian attended the University of Delaware. After graduating he attended the New York Chiropractic College where he became a licensed chiropractor. Brian still practices chiropractic on the side as this was his first profession.

Another aspect of Brian’s arsenal of skills includes writing. Brian has published many articles ranging from the medical and legal field to areas that address how HCRC Staffing can help companies find the right employees. Part of his duties as CEO of HCRC Staffing is that he occasionally posts articles on the companies blog on a wide variety of topics.

Brian Torchin also gives back to his communities. He often is involved in volunteer work. Brian has taken advantage of the skills and talents he has to try and improve the companies he runs, and make the lives of those he comes into contact with better.

Anthony Petrello: Nabor’s Top Dog

Anthony G. Petrello is the President and CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd., an oil drilling contractor on Petrello has an extensive occupation history. Before landing a position at Nabors, he worked at Baker & McKenzie law firm where he resolved settlement disputes between international parties. He was later positioned as the Managing Partner of the firm in 1986 until he resigned in 1991. Shortly upon his arrival at Nabors Industries in 1991, he was elected to the Nabors Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the Board. Petrello has held many position as a member of the board at Nabors. There, he fulfilled his obligations while serving as Chief Operating Officer from 1991 to 2011. Tony Petrello also served as Deputy Chairman from 2003 to 2012. As of 2012, he serves as President and CEO, Chairman of the Board, and Chairman of the Board of Executives at Nabors. Petrello’s main course of work while serving on the board at Nabors consist of responsibilities in developing strategic concepts that are designed to help the company grow more accustomed to a dynamic routine of operation.

Anthony Petrello is currently positioned as a Member of the Executive Committee and serves as Director of Stewart & Stevenson LLC. He also heads the Hilcorp Energy Company.

Anthony Petrello earned his J.D. Degree from Harvard Law School and later obtained his Bachelors and Masters degree in Mathematics at Yale University.

As of Fiscal Year 2015, Petrello’s total calculated compensation is estimated at $27,663,602 million.

Anthony Petrello serves as a member of the Board of Trustees at Texas Children’s Hospital. Tony Petrello is a very enthusiastic supporter for the awareness of children who suffer from neurological disorders, and he is calling for increased development of clinical programs to address the matter. Petrello’s 8-year old daughter, Carena, was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia at premature birth(PVL). The disease is common in infants. It is caused by very strict circulation of blood and oxygen in the brain. The disease has caused Carena to develop cerebral palsy, a neurological condition that constitutes chronic impairment in motor skills that may co-exist with other delays in development. Anthony and his wife have followed up on many research facilities across the U.S., including major institutions like UCLA, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins. Their massive search for answers regarding their daughter lead them to conclude that neurological research on needs to be extended on a broad scale. According to Anthony, there are few institutions that implement neurological research for the adult brain but pediatric research is rare to stumble upon. He argues that the need for clinical programs for kids are not being met, when there are great opportunities that can be taken advantage of. Anthony and Cynthia turned their attention to Texas Children’s Hospital, and their daughter was entitled to high quality treatment. The story of their daughter is an inspiration to parents of children who suffer from neurological diseases. Her story ensures parents that all children like herself will miraculously reach and master their full potential.

Learn more about Tony Petrello:

Crystal Hunt: From Commercial Star to Soap Opera Star

Acting has been a part of Crystal Hunt’s life almost from birth. Starting at six months old, she began participating in pageants in her native Clearwater, Florida. As she got older, Hunt took acting and singing lessons, which landed her a small role in the movie “Problem Child 2” at the age of six.

After that, it was on to starring in commercials, where Hunt had the chance to work alongside Tom Hanks and the boy band N-Sync. Her big break came in 2003 when she got the role of Lizzie Spaulding, a problem teen on the soap opera Guiding Light. She continued with that role until 2006, earning a Daytime Emmy nomination and a Soap Opera Digest nomination along the way for her performance. It also led to roles in the movies The Derby Stallion opposite Zac Efron, and Sydney White opposite Amanda Bynes.

In 2009, Hunt returned to the soap opera scene on One Life to Live starring as stripper Stacy Morasco. She remained on the show until 2012, then went on to star in a pair of movies, the football drama 23 Blast as Molly, the girlfriend of the main character, and the comedy Magic Mike XXL as Lauren. She can now be seen in the scripted reality show Queens of Drama, where Hunt and other past soap opera stars attempt to form a production company.

Outside the acting world, Hunt had announced on Facebook that she opened a high-end pet boutique in Clearwater called My Pets Dream Boutique.  She’s something of a photographer, as Crystal is a complete artist.  The real deal.

Kenneth Goodgame Can Help Your Business

Kenneth Goodgame is available to help your business today. He has a number of strategies in order to help all businesses, regardless of their nature. Kenneth also has a team of experts that accompanies him on all of his tasks. These individuals, like Kenneth, have great knowledge in the world of finances and marketing.

The first way Kenneth Goodgame can help you with your business would be to help you raise profits. The first way of doing this would be to cut all extra spending that is unnecessary. Kenneth Goodgame will sit with the business owner and how him/her why certain spending is wrong and how much they will save annually.

With the money saved from cutting unnecessary spending, Kenneth will guide business owners to purchase the best products pertaining to their business. Ken and his staff believe it is best for businesses to spend more money on wholesale items. Many companies by the cheapest products today. Kenneth believes having the most valuable products on the market will help any business instantly compete with the competition.

Kenneth Goodgame is a man of finance. He has gone to some of the most prestigious schools, where he learned finance and advanced marketing. Kenneth helped hundreds and hundreds of businesses develop a successful marketing plan. The marketing plan devised by Kenneth is not an experiment. Kenneth knows the plan will work, and this thinking has not failed him yet.

Kenneth has also been the CEO of several different companies in different industries. He understands all of the areas regarding being a boss and making the right decisions to keep the business going. Some of this includes knowing when to downsize and knowing how to properly fire someone, with the only intention of keeping the business going. Kenneth Goodgame has received many awards regarding his work in the financial industry. In a sense, Kenneth has changed the way people do business on a daily basis. The business owners that Kenneth has helped cannot thank Kenneth enough. Most of these business owners spent thousands trying to better their business, but they just kept on ruining it.


Opening Venezuela’s Doors to the People

Jose Manuel Gonzalez may have substantial success in running his agricultural business, but that doesn’t mean he’s happy with the state of his country. From his point of view, Venezuela’s power is too situated within the hands of a few politicians, leaving everyone else to fend for themselves. That’s not to say that the people don’t want a greater voice in their government, and that’s exactly what Jose Manuel Gonzalez aims to give them.

Leveraging his experience as a businessman, Gonzalez has worked within the National Assembly to get politicians to listen to the concerns of not just himself, but also of the people that try to get by every day. This empathy for the common man has made Gonzalez a popular figure, but that has also made the competition for his seat in the National Assembly more fierce. Gonzalez isn’t terribly concerned about the election though, as he is far more interested in ensuring that his country, and its people, have a future that follows in the footsteps of great countries like the United States.

In a way, Gonzalez views his actions as being good for both the country and himself. By crafting legislation that encourages people to get involved in politics, Gonzalez hopes that it will benefit other sectors and improve the economy as a whole. Once businesses are able to start hiring more people, the economy will have an increased flow of money and begin to improve itself over time. With his extensive experience in managing a large company, Gonzalez understands the intricacies of balancing a budget, even one as a large as a government’s.

While Jose Manuel Gonzalez sees himself as a dutiful civic leader, he understands the value of keeping talented people by his side. This is a part of the reason that he has devoted so much time and energy into encouraging others to get involved in political affairs. It is his hope that once enough people start participating in the government, they can pool their talents together and create something that is truly much more representative of the people than what currently exists.

Talk Fusion Streamlines Video Communication in a Big Way

Talk Fusion is a widely known company that focuses on the world of video marketing. It’s located in Brandon, Florida, a Hillsborough County community. Talk Fusion has been in business for nearly a decade now. It was created back in 2007 by Bob Reina, who currently serves as its Chief Executive Officer. The primary goal at Talk Fusion is to transform human existences and expand businesses by engaging in up-and-coming video technology practices. This firm adopts a person-to-person marketing strategy. Talk Fusion’s staff consists of a large number of independent representatives in 140 plus nations all around the planet.

Talk Fusion is recognized for having launched the Instant Pay Compensation Plan. The planet had never seen anything quite like it before. Some of the diverse areas of expertise that are offered by this advertising and marketing entity include contemporary video communication devices, live meetings, video chat, lead capture, video email and video conferences.

Many people admire Talk Fusion’s video email offerings. Talk Fusion’s approach simplifies the process of making video messages. The company helps people set up video emails that are suitable for charitable efforts, personal use and business. Users can explore selections of many first-rate design templates. They can also opt to upload their own video clips.

Live meetings are another major focal point for the team at Talk Fusion. People who are interested in putting together international presentations can fully trust Talk Fusion’s live meeting assistance. The company streamlines the task of organizing live meetings for work purposes. It gives people the chance to exchange files with a maximum of 500 guests total. It even lets users make recordings of their meetings.

Talk Fusion’s video newsletters have many loyal fans. If a business owner wants to produce a memorable and meaningful video newsletter, Talk Fusion’s offerings can be an invaluable source of help. Talk Fusion offers users a convenient “drag and drop” tool that makes putting together effective video newsletters feel like a piece of cake. Users can also introduce images and text to their newsletters. The company’s newsletters can be beneficial for those who wish to boost responses.